First Aid Kits, Emergency Preparedness & Personal Safety Products

Large Alcohol Prep Pads, 100 Per Box   Alcohol Prep Pads are the ideal solution to disinfecting bacteria that enters cuts, scrapes, and

Also used as an antiseptic skin cleanser before injection.

Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Soft and absorbent, non-woven pad.
Our Price $5.95
5 Per Pack, Yellow Full Back, Isolation Gown Fluid Resistant   Gowns provide great protection and maximum coverage and include elastic cuffs.

Extra length added to the waist.
Our Price $5.25
15x20 Poly Bib, With A 3 Pocket, 125 A Case   Our polyethelene bids provide a durable, and superior 1-ply tissue.

Feature a crumb catch pocket that keeps you clean and sanitary.

Supplies full coverage for the chest, and against messy foods.
Our Price $23.75
100 Per Box, Electrode Skin Prep Pad   Our Electrode Skin Prep Pads are created to enhance electrode to skin contact for EKG testing.

Oil, dirt and grime can be easily washed away for easier contact between electrodes and the skin.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol and pumice.
Our Price $17.50
Non-stick Pad, w/ Adhesive Edges, 3x4 - 4 per box   Our non-stick pads are designed to cover and cushion large surface cuts, scrapes and burns with an extra-absorbent, breathable 100% cotton filler. The "ouchless" perforated mylar surface allows the pad to be custom fit to wounds, and the outer cover ... Our Price $1.75
5 Gr. Packet, DynaLube Sterile Lubcricating Jelly, 72 Per Box   Our DynaLube Sterile Lubricating Jelly is designed to lubricate the body before the usage of diagnostic or therapeutic devices, but can be used for other purposes as well.

Provides the skin with a smooth and sliding surface for whatever ...
Our Price $12.50
SCOOP STRETCHER IMMOBILIZER   This immobilizer is designed for immobilization on scoop stretchers and also adds a level of comfort to the patient. A must for every scoop stretcher. Our Price $95.00