First Aid Kits, Emergency Preparedness & Personal Safety Products

Athletic Tape, Porous Cloth 1-1/2 - 16 per box   Our ultra-strong, cloth-backed tape with porous adhesive permits the release of perspiration yet still supports knees, ankles and wrists. For athletic purposes, the most popular sizes are the 1 -+" and 2" widths. Porous, bleached athletic trainer's ... Our Price $48.99
Elastic Bandage Wrap, w/ 2 Fasteners, Latex-Free 2 - 18 per box   Comparable to the Ace® Bandage, our elastic bandage is designed for supporting, protecting and providing moderate pressure to sprains and strains. Its controlled stretch retains strength and elasticity. It is also ideal for holding dressings in ... Our Price $19.99
2 Person, Travel First Aid Kit - Plastic case   21 piece All Purpose First Aid Kit has everything you need in case of emergencies that occur at home, in the car, outdoors or even on the water. This kit Features new compartmental organizers to keep your supplies readily at hand.

Kit ...
Our Price $3.25
AMBU CPR MASK With O2 INLET, HEAD STRAP IN CASE   Packaged in a compact, hard shell, pocket-sized carrying case and features a patented one-way valve with filter. Prevents mouth-to-mouth contact with victim's face. Leak-proof seal, re-inflated contoured soft vinyl cuff shapes easily to adult, child ... Our Price $14.50
Burnaid® Burn Blanket Kit - 1 set   Burnaid® Burn Blanket Kit - 1 set

SKU: M4067

Tough nylon bag with velco fastening straps. Contains four water soluble dressings for immediate care of a first and second degree burn by providing rapid cooling of the ...
Our Price $220.00
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100 X-Large Safe-Touch Vinyl Exam Glove N/S   These Vinyl Exam Gloves provide maximum strength and comfort while still being able to stretch.

Ideal for unmatched quality and sensitivity.

Pre-powdered for much easier donning.

Our Price $10.85
Eye wash station, double bottles, 32 oz.   In an eye care emergency, you need an eye wash product you can count on. Our eye wash relieves irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging, or itching by removing loose foreign material, chlorinated water, smog, and pollen. Station holds two 32 oz. ... Our Price $38.99