First Aid Kits, Emergency Preparedness & Personal Safety Products

Biohazard bag refill   2 red liners, printed with the universal biohazard symbol and "Infectious Waste". High performance, super strong X-Seal Bag is designed without gussets. Bag conforms to container's shape and distributes the weight of the refuse evenly around the ... Our Price $1.55
Dressing Pad, Gauze 4x4 - 50 per box   Our 100% 8 ply pure gauze pads are packaged in sterile envelopes and are perfectly suited for cleaning wounds and applying medication or antiseptic. They can be stacked on a wound to absorb additional fluid and can be removed without re-opening the ... Our Price $9.60
Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage, Sterile 1 - 12 per bag   Conforming Gauze Roll Bandage, Sterile 1" - 12 per bag

SKU: M217-12

Durable conforming stretch bandage that holds dressings securely in place without slipping. A unique filament structure and nap ensures it will cling ...
Our Price $13.60
Adhesive Bandage, Fabric 1 - 100 per box   Our fabric adhesive bandages are ideal for minor cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds. Each is made with a pliable woven fabric that easily conforms to the wounded area and stays put even when wet. Bandages are ventilated to aid in the natural ... Our Price $7.89
Compress Bandage, Off Center, 3 - 2 per box   An asset to any trauma kit, our versatile 3" off-center compress serves as a sterile wound and trauma dressing. The non-stick surface can be used as a major/minor wound pad, a wrap for head wounds or can be compressed over a wound and either tied or ... Our Price $3.15
4 Oz. Tube Antifungal Cream   Our Antifungal Cream is ideal for the fingers and toes.

Comes in a 1 Oz. tube, easy to apply and mess free.

Also treats athletes foot, vaginal yeast infections, and more.

This cream includes active ingredients that help to ...
Our Price $13.00