Our Water Aerobic Belt unlike others is manufactured out of special EVA foam designed to withstand chlorinated water. Most belts wear out at the attachment of the nylon belt to the foam but we reinforce the area with plastic couplings. This belt is specially contoured to fit below the ribcage and above the hips for easy motion and breathing. It also provides lumbar support and vertical balance.

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VELCRO SPINEBOARD STRAPS/SET OF 3   Velcro straps are made of durable nylon webbing covered with Velcro enabling the user to accomplish a fast and firm immobilization. This strap is for use with all spineboards. Sold in a set of three. Our Price $30.00
RESCUE TUBE COVER   This is our most popular rescue tube cover and it fits our 40” and 50” rescue tubes.

Dimensions: 36”L x 8½”W.

Weight: 1lb., 2oz.
Our Price $19.00
CUT-A-WAY RESCUE TUBE COVER   This cover is a must to protect this tube where it is most vulnerable by the handholds. For use only with the cut-a-way rescue tube.

Color: Red.

Dimensions: 36" L x 8 1/2" W.

Weight: 1 lb., 2 oz.
Our Price $22.00