First Aid Kits, Emergency Preparedness & Personal Safety Products

BURN JEL 4 OZ. SQUEEZE BOTTLE   The ideal size for medical cabinets, this thick gel cools and soothes minor burn injuries. Contains 2% Lidocaine to relieve pain fast. Convenient squeeze bottle.

Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture.

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Castile Soap Towelette, (10) Towelettes   Castile Soap Towelette, (10) Towelettes

SKU: FAE-4004
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15 Oz. Tube, Dyna Shield Skin Protectant Barrier Cream   Our Dyna Shield Skin Protectant Barrier Cream gets rid of unwanted irrtants such as poison ivy, and rashes.

Includes Aloe Vera for a soothing feeling.
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Non Sterile Jr Tongue Depressor 5.5 500 A Case   Our tongue depressors allow a clean, smooth cut.

Polished edges make maneuvers much easier.

Ideal for the medical field.

Allows for a clear examination of the mouth and throat.
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Cohesive Elastic Bandage Wrap You Can Tear, Latex-Free 2 - 8 per box   Our self-adherent and easy-to-tear bandage is lightweight, porous and absorbent. Its crepe-like texture makes it ideal for those difficult-to-bandage areas. It's also easy to tear, so you'll use only the amount you need. Our Price $28.95
Adjustable Twin Head Including Gasketed Canopy, Weather-Resistant   These Remote Heads are ideal for outdoor activities.

Water resistant and lasts you years with its high quality design.

Comes in a black color.

Lights are 6V, 9W and UL listed.
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167 Piece Genuine Emergency Preparedness Kit, Soft Case   Emergency Preparedness Kit with 167 essential items for emergencies and first aid. Contents are organized for fast access and labeled with clear directions by emergency category. Contains concise directions for use.

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