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VELCRO SPINEBOARD STRAPS/SET OF 3   Velcro straps are made of durable nylon webbing covered with Velcro enabling the user to accomplish a fast and firm immobilization. This strap is for use with all spineboards. Sold in a set of three. Our Price $30.00
Burnaid® Burn Blanket Kit - 1 set   Burnaid® Burn Blanket Kit - 1 set

SKU: M4067

Tough nylon bag with velco fastening straps. Contains four water soluble dressings for immediate care of a first and second degree burn by providing rapid cooling of the ...
Our Price $220.00
Sale $195.00
Trauma Pad, 8x10 - 20 per box   Our Trauma pads are sterile and absorbent they are very good for stopping bleeding associated with deep lacerations, abrasions, burns, cuts, penetration wounds and fractures. Made of multiple layers of cellulose surrounded by a soft non-woven cover. ... Our Price $18.99
Adhesive Bandage, Plastic 3/4 - 25 per box   Our plastic adhesive bandages are ideal for minor cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds. Bandages are made of pliable vinyl, allowing easy movement with any of the body's moving parts, and are ventilated to aid the natural healing process. ... Our Price $1.89
50 Per Box, Blue Face Mask Molded   Molded Face Maks are a soft, molded material sure to last you a while.

Latex free, includes an adjustable aluminum nose piece to conform to your nose.

Dual head straps are also supplied for a tight, secure fit.

Soft edges to ...
Our Price $15.00
First Aid Tape- 1/2x2.5 yd., 20 per box   The first aid tape is hypoallergenic, reducing the chances of skin irritation. Allows the skin to breathe, plus it tears simply without shredding. Our Price $14.50
1X3 Metal Detectable Bandage, Foam, (25) bandages   SKU: FAE-3110 Our Price $3.90