Misc. Wet Pack Products

100 Per Box, Adhesive Tape Remover Pad   Adhesive Tape Remover Pads make removing tape off of your skin much less of a hassle.

Provides patients with a pain free, non-irritant pad that easily removes tape without leftover sticky residue and dries within seconds.

Have to kept ...
Our Price $12.40
100 Per Box, Electrode Skin Prep Pad   Our Electrode Skin Prep Pads are created to enhance electrode to skin contact for EKG testing.

Oil, dirt and grime can be easily washed away for easier contact between electrodes and the skin.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol and pumice.
Our Price $17.50
100 Per Box, Nail Polish Remover Pads   Our Nail Polish Remover Pads eliminate nail polish completely without denting or breaking your nails.

They leave your nails with a smooth, strong, and healthy glow without the irritating smell and burn of acetone.

Thick and heavy duty ...
Our Price $13.25
2 Oz. StingGone™ Protective Barrier Spray   This StingGone™ Protective Barrier Spray works just as well as our Standard Skincote™ products.

Gentle and pain free, no sting..
Our Price $19.40
50 Per Box, Skincote Protective Dressing Applicator   Our Skincote Protective Dressing Applicator provides the coating protection needed for the skin.

Irritants are blocked.
Our Price $12.45
50 Per Box, StingGone™ Protective Barrier Wipes   These StingGone™ Protective Barrier Wipes can be used to protect skin from adhesive stripping.

Gentle and pain free, no sting.
Our Price $20.00