Personal Care Products

12 1.5 oz Tube of Toothpaste   Our toothpaste is individually boxed for easy convenience.

Contains flouride for superior cleansing, leaving you with a bright smile.

Only needs a pea sized amount for full coverage.
Our Price $7.50
30 Tuft Adult Toothbrushes, 144 A Case   Our tuft adult toothbrushes are easy to carry on the go for traveling.

Bristles get in between teeth easily in the back and front.

Plastic handles provide you with a secure grip and are unbreakable.

Each toothbrush is ...
Our Price $13.75
4 oz. Aftershave Lotion   Our alcohol free after shave lotion provides superior smoothness for your skin.

Keeps your skin refreshed and blemish free without the stinging and burning after shaving.

Can be used on sensitive skin as well.
Our Price $1.95
4 oz. Deodorant Pump Spray   Our deodorant pump spray relieves dryness and irritation.

Supports patients throughout the whole day without an unpleasant smell.

Easy to apply and promises the best results.
Our Price $2.85
50 Twin Blade Razors   It's always important to have a quality razor that provides you with the most comfortable shave.

Our twin blade razors are long-lasting and include a marvelous quality blade.

Clear plastic guard protects against contamination and ...
Our Price $9.00