71 Piece Large Sports First Aid Kit

This 71 piece Sport first aid kit was developed specifically for sports activities such as: baseball, badminton, basketball, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, bowling, field hockey, football, golf, hustleball, lacrosse, little league, martial arts, pop warner, rugby, sailing, skating, soccer, softball, swimming, t-ball, table tennis, tennis, track, volleyball, self defense, wrestling etc... It has separate compartments with everything that you need to help when someone is hurt, containing latex-free elastic bandages, instant cold compresses, wound care supplies, antiseptics, moleskin, and a variety of other first aid needs.
Kit Includes:

1 - Large Hard Case
1 - First Aid Guide
2 - 6" Cotton tipped applicators
2 - Exam quality vinyl gloves
1 - Scissors
1 - Tweezers

9 - Antiseptic cleansing wipes
4 - Antibiotic ointment packs

Medicine :
2 - Ibuprofen tablets
2 Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets

10 - Adhesive plastic bandages 3/4" x 3"
3 - Curad® fabric bandages 1"x3"
2 -Fingertip fabric bandages, large
2 - Knuckle fabric bandages
3 - Elbow & knee plastic bandages 2" x 4"

1 - Moleskin squares 2" x 2"
4 - Large Butterfly wound closures
2 - Finger splint 6" x 3/4"
1 - 1/2"x5 yd. First aid tape
2 - 4"x5" Instant cold compress
1 - 1-1/2"x10 yd. Porous cloth athletic tape

Dressings :
4 - Gauze dressing pads 4" x 4"
4 - Gauze dressing pads 2" x 2"
1 - Trauma pads 5" x 9"
1 - 3"x5 yd. Elastic bandage wrap, latex free
1 - 3"x4" Non-stick pad with adhesive edges
1 - 2"x4.1 yd. Conforming gauze roll bandage
1 - Sterile eye pad

Total Pieces: 71
Kit Dimensions: 9"x8-3/8"x2-1/2"

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